Content creation, but quick and easy

Wow, baby! A lot has happened since we last chatted.

I went to Madrid, my first European trip to see Taylor Swift. TWICE.

Yep! On night one, we looked to see how much it would be to return and see her in the rafters. After fees, it was just $300!

👉🏻 Click here to see my floor view.

👀 Peep my Eras Tours highlight too!

Fun fact: While I was there, I was on the other side of the camera doing lots of interviews in English, and my attempted Spanish, on the topic of so many Americans traveling abroad to see Taylor since it's so much more affordable there.

It was an exciting day at Storyblok yesterday too!

💰 The team announced raising $80 million in Series C funding.

What makes this so cool, in my opinion, is that the co-founders are younger than me!

The entire Storyblok team is young in fact… and I just think that’s the coolest.

video preview

Become a Business Idea Machine

Next week, my son and I have a meeting with a local facilities manager to talk about putting a vending machine on their property.

It’ll be my son’s first attempt at entrepreneurship.

So, we bought this book to learn all about the vending machine business.

I’ll keep you updated!

Do you want to start a side hustle like this? Maybe you need help finding a business idea?

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I just signed up and am blown away by some of these ideas. So cool!

In it, you will get an original business idea delivered straight to your inbox daily.

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A subscriber said, ”I come for the business ideas, stay for the memes,” which totally resonated with me.

I mean, who doesn’t love a good meme?!

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Content Creation, but Quick and Easy

More content marketers should act like museum curators.

Museum curators pick an exhibit theme, carefully select the artifacts, and organize them into a story that visitors will want to consume.

By adopting a similar strategy, you — and, ultimately, your audience — will reap the rewards.

You will create more quality content without having to create new content.

You will tell unique stories shaped by others’ content.

You will position your brand as a thought leader without having to write draft after draft before the author-executive signs off.

You will become a trusted and helpful resource by digesting content from multiple sources.

Curation can take your content marketing further without an additional investment of resources.

Be a curator, not an aggregator, and your audience (and brand) will thank you (or at least appreciate your content.)

For more on this, and to see how I did it, check out this article by Content Marketing Institute.

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