It's NOT who you know

It’s been a minute.

I’ve been a busy bee with a new role as the PR and Communications Manager at StoryBlok - a company that has a culture I am obsessed with.

It literally checks all the boxes. #luckyme

I’m still filling up every Little Free Library I spot. (Watch here!)

I also hosted a non-profit event to help get dogs adopted. I even made the front page for being the emcee.

I’m practicing my violin every week.

And you can catch me this coming Sunday on Health Uncensored with Dr. Drew on Fox Business Network at 5:30on EST.

Point being… I’m still here.

Here - living in a disaster.

The bad news is that my bedroom, my office, and my kids bedrooms are in the kitchen, family room, and living room as we finish our addition and renovation on our house.

As someone who thrives on cleanliness and organization, I’m going NUTS!

The good news is that I should be up and running in a week and the beautiful portable toilet will be moved from my front yard.

It’s NOT who you know

The other day I posted something on LinkedIn that people messaged me about, so incase the algorithm didn’t think you wanted to see it, here is it.

I basically said that many think snagging a PR agency is like unlocking a secret door to the newsroom.

But, we’re not your magic brokers into the world of news?

Anyone can get a reporter’s email address.

It’s not just who you know.

You need a story with substance, facts, and the perfect timing to make anything of that contact information.

You need to:

✔️ Craft stories based on solid facts

✔️ Research data that matters

✔️ Understand the news cycle

✔️ Design visuals that pop

✔️ Align your message with current trends

✔️ Fine-tune the pitch for different audiences

✔️ Build genuine relationships with key influencers

So, if someone claims PR is all about who you know, set them straight.

Who you know is the first step in a multistep process.

Spend less time in front of your keyboard

There’s a lot of hype around AI right now… but let’s face it:

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My European Era

You’ve probably heard that many people are headed to Europe to see my queen Taylor Swift in concert because it’s cheaper to see her there than in the US.

That’s 100% accurate.

How do I know?

Your girl (Hi. It’s me. I’m the problem. It’s me) is headed out of North America for the first time to see The Eras Tour in Madrid in a couple of weeks.

I’m so excited to visit Spain and am practicing on my Duolingo app because mi espanol is no bueno. (Give me a follow at ChristinaDani3!)

Yes, it’s cheaper for me to fly to Madrid, stay in a hotel, and get a ticket on the floor than it is for me to drive an hour and a half south to see Taylor in Miami.

So, European vacation it is!

Enjoy the rest of your week!

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