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The BEST Subject Lines for Pitches 📧

Published 2 months ago • 2 min read

I saw this post on LinkedIn and said, I had to share this with the people in my Media Mentoring Program, so I did.

Then I thought, let me send this out to my email list.

So here it is…

Is that not crazy valuable?!

For tips on coming up with great subject lines, scroll to the bottom!

Secret Success Method Used by Oprah & Einstein

My good friend Chelsea Krost has created something so unique and special, I had to share it with you.

It’s called The Mind. Brand. Biz Power Pack.

It's not your typical toolkit — it's a resource designed to help you cultivate a magnetic mindset and experience explosive personal brand growth in just 30 days.

Say goodbye to information overload about the “best way” to grow your brand + business.

The best part?

There’s no need to spend tons of money on costly advertising or spend hours on social media every day.

In this FREE toolkit, you'll find what celebrities like Oprah, Reese Witherspoon (love her so much!), Jessica Alba, and Albert Einstein consider their secret tool for success.

This is a total game-changer.

Click the link here to grab this exciting resource all about mindset and brand-business growth from Chelsea.

Palm Springs

Next week, I’m flying to Palm Springs to speak at ALT Summit.

If you’re going, join my talk at 10:15 on Monday morning!

Then, it’s off to New York City to shoot a segment for Health Uncensored! With Dr. Drew.

Follow along with me on social media for all the work fun!

My Random Likes

📖 If you love psychological thrillers, you will love Listen for the Lie. If you have a Little Free Library near you, check it out because the book may be in there.

🧠 I’m really liking LinkedIn lately and planning on spending more time there. (Hence the post above.) If we’re not already connected there, click here.

🤣 I picked my mom up at the airport yesterday… and really embarrassed her with this sign I made.

Use AI To Stay Relevant As A Writer

Are you worried ChatGPT will…

  • Replace you as a writer?
  • Make it harder to land new projects?
  • And make it difficult to stay ahead in your niche?

Then you need to learn how to write with AI (not ignore it).

Tip: This is great for brainstorming subject lines 😉

This FREE email course will help you:

  • Use AI to write ANYTHING
  • Train ChatGPT to generate infinite ideas
  • Harness ChatGPT as your personal writing assistant

Click here to get instant access.

How I Can Help You

1️⃣ Spend less than an hour learning the 5 simple steps to getting featured in the media without spending money on ads. This masterclass is FREE!​​​

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It’s been a minute. I’ve been a busy bee with a new role as the PR and Communications Manager at StoryBlok - a company that has a culture I am obsessed with. It literally checks all the boxes. #luckyme I’m still filling up every Little Free Library I spot. (Watch here!) I also hosted a non-profit event to help get dogs adopted. I even made the front page for being the emcee. I’m practicing my violin every week. And you can catch me this coming Sunday on Health Uncensored with Dr. Drew on Fox...

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Uh, I made a few mistakes in my last email. The biggest was sending people to my new freebie of what to do after earning media exposure… and having the PDF undeliverable Thankfully, I got some nice emails alerting me to the issue and it was fixed. Then… in the image I made promoting that freebie, I had a typo. The email I got alerting me to that was not so kind. I wrote about it on LinkedIn. Click here to see how it unfolded. Press Releases Suck The header on my website reads: “We don’t write...

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Holy smokes, it’s a busy week… but I didn’t want to leave you hanging this Thursday morning. Just after midnight, I got back from Palm Springs where I spoke at ALT Summit with a bunch of ah-mazing women entrepreneurs and creators. Hello to all the new friends I met there! And today, I’m off to New York City to shoot a segment in the morning for Health Uncensored! with Dr. Drew. Yes, that’s South Florida > Palm Springs > South Florida > New York City > South Florida in six days. Saturday, I’m...

2 months ago • 2 min read
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